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Who's Who

Information about the people at our school:


Senior Leadership Team

Head teacher - Mr. Richard Ellis

Deputy Head teacher Mrs. Wendy Cotterill

Assistant Head teacher -  Mrs. Carol Green Science Coordinator, Forest School Coordinator

Assistant Head teacher -  Mrs. Jackie Rochester, DSL

EYFS Coordinator - Miss F. Ward 

SENCO / EAL - Mrs. R. Jennings 


Staff List


Name Role
Mr. R.Ellis              Head teacher 
Mrs. W.Cotterill Deputy Head teacher 
Mrs. C.Green Assistant Head teacher Science Coordinator, Forest School Coordinator
Mrs. J.Rochester Assistant Head teacher, DSL
Mrs. R Jennings SENCO / EAL
Miss F. Ward     EYFS Coordinator
Miss Z Webb      Year 6W Teacher, P.E Coordinator
Ms. M Begum    Year 6B Teacher, D.T Coordinator
Mrs. J Larke

Year 5L Teacher, Collective Worship Coordinator

Mr. A Jones Year 5J Teacher, R.E Coordinator
Mrs. R Smith      Year 4S Teacher, P.S.H.E Coordinator
Miss M Okaner Year 4O Teacher, MFL
Mr. M Heritage Year 3H Teacher, Art Coordinator
Miss H Fabb Year 3F Teacher, Geography Coordinator
Miss S Simpson Year 2S Teacher, Maths Coordinator
Mrs. P Nagra      Year 2N Teacher, EAL Coordinator
Mrs. S Rayit        Year 1 Teacher, Phonics Coordinator
Miss C. Walker Year 1W Teacher, Computing Coordinator 
Mr. Y Hussain Year 1H Teacher, Communications/Media Coordinator
Mrs. A Cane Reception RC Teacher   
Miss L Knight

Reception RK Teacher, EYFS Outdoor Learning

Miss P. Geary    Nursery Lead Teacher, History Coordinator
Mr. S Moss         PPA and Year 5 (0.6)
Mr. R Wilkes       HLTA Y6, First Aider / Residential Coordinator
Miss S. Smithen                HLTA Y6, Library Manager 
Mr. S Hunter Teaching Assistant Y6, Sports coach
Mrs. S. Dhillon   Teaching Assistant Y5
Mrs. S Adams Teaching Assistant Y5
Mrs. K Mall Teaching Assistant Y4
Ms. K  Neale Teaching Assistant Y4
Miss V Wood     HLTA Y3, First Aider/School Council
Mrs. J Kaur Sidhu Teaching Assistant Y3
Mrs. T Bibi HLTA, Y2 First Aider/ Family Learning
Mrs. A  Ladipo   Teaching Assistant Y2 (0.8)
Mrs. N Ali Teaching Assistant (0.6) Y2
Miss E Faulks Teaching Assistant Y2
Miss K Dor HLTA Y1, First Aider
Mrs. A Cherrington Teaching Assistant Y1
Mrs. P Spooner Teaching Assistant Y1
Miss S Broadhouse HLTA Reception, First Aider
Mr. T Huggins    Teaching Assistant Reception
Miss R Goodhand Teaching Assistant Reception
Miss S Latif Teaching Assistant Reception
Mrs. S. Virdee Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs. G Chana Teaching Assistant Nursery
Mrs. Y Akhtar Teaching Assistant EAL
Miss J Summers                Teaching Assistant / Speech and Language
Mrs M Akhtar Teaching Assistant /Hearing Impaired
Mr. J Dineen Learning Mentor
Mrs. S Turner     Learning Mentor
Mr. P Miles         Learning Mentor
Mrs. A Burkinshaw Learning Mentor / Attendance
Ms M Clinton     Senior Office Manager
Mrs C Uddin Office Manager (P/T)
Mrs K Williams-Ratajski Administrative Assistant
Mr L Campbell                  Site Manager
Mrs M Turner                   Kitchen Manager                    

School Council

Summerfield School Councillors are the voice of our classes, working together to make Summerfield a better place.

They hold regular meeting and raise any issues brought to them by their peers thus allowing the school to constantly take on board the opinions of the pupils.


Peer Mediators

Summerfield’s Peer Mediators are selected for their responsible, caring and mature qualities.

They are trained to help resolve any issues and disputes that may arise during lunchtimes.


Play Leaders

At Summerfield our Play Leaders provide a positive interaction with their peers and encourage caring, sharing and fair play both in the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playgrounds.