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Welcome to 1R with Mrs Rayit and Miss Spooner         


Hello , I just want to say a big thank you to all the families I have been speaking with during this difficult time. It has been fantastic speaking with yourselves and the children and keeping in touch with them knowing you are all safe. Please continue to follow government guidelines until we are given further advice. Keep checking our class page for additional learning support materials and weblinks. Please remember you can always get in touch with me via email should you need any support and I will always get back to you. 


Mrs Rayit smiley


Continue to follow these websites as they are offering free resources for you to help your children such as: sign up and use the offer code UKTWINKLHELPS for free access to lots of amazing resources. username: march20 password: home for support with phonics.




Please do have a look at this web page offering a range of home learning activities you may want to try with your child (children). 


Home Activity Packs 






Start your day with PE !

Physical education in school is essential to the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. Hand-eye coordination is improved, as well as good body movements, which helps in the development of a healthy body posture. Physical education teaches students the importance of physical health. 

It provides children and young people with the opportunity to express themselves physically, challenge themselves and others, experience different environments and activities, work together and release energy which helps de-stress and lowers anxiety levels.

Try some of these Joe Wicks' videos with your child in the day as part of their PE.


Joe Wicks' PE








Online Safety - Home Education Activity Packs.


The website Thinkyouknow was created to help parents get advice on and protect their children whilst they explore the online world. During this time away from school, whilst a lot of learning is being carried out online it is more important now than ever that your children are learning about how to stay safe online. Thinkyouknow have created home learning packs for children aged from 4 up to secondary age. Every fortnight they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities for you to do with your child to support their online safety at home. Please click here for the Home activity packs for ages 5-6

Letters and Sounds!


Letters and Sounds is an essential part of learning to read and write, we work really hard helping your children to learn their sounds and then blending them (putting them together) to read and segmenting them (pulling them apart) to write. Here is a link to a parents guide to understanding letters and sounds (phonics) - Click Here.


There are also daily lessons for Reception children - click here - and Year 1 children - click here. Encouraging your children to watch these will help them to learn the new sounds they would be learning in school and revise the sounds they have previously been taught. All of this will help your children to be prepared for when they get back into the classroom!


Thank you,


Miss Walker

Please do check out this link for extra learning


This link has learning up to key stage 3 and 4 so if you have older children it will be useful for them.

Please do check  the link below to look at further activities to do at home




The Big Numbers Song

It's a numbers song for children and adults. Count from 0 to 100 and from a hundred to a trillion. This song was written and performed by A.J. Jenkins. Video...

Count Backwards from 100 by 1's | Exercise and Count! | Jack Hartmann

Count backwards from 100 and exercise with Jack Hartmann. Build your body and brain with this countdown from 100 video. Jack has an exercise for each group o...

Remember to learn counting in 2's , 5's and 10's.


Enjoy !



The Counting by Twos Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Go up into space as you count up by twos with a dog and a song on a crazy rocket cruise! The Counting by Twos song teaches skip counting by 2. If you are lea...

The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by fives from zero to one hundred! Skip Counting with an original animation and song... don't skip it! Our 2ND CHANNEL is on Patreon! ►►

The Counting by Tens Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by tens from zero to one hundred with an adventurous dog and an adventurous song! The Counting by Tens song teaches skip counting by 10. Our 2ND CHANNE...

Fractions - Halves and Quarters

Learn about fractions with halves and quarters. Acknowledgement of artwork (character illustrations): 'Gerald_G'

Look at the pictures and write some sentences about what you can see. Try to use adjectives and nouns in your sentences. Dont forget finger spaces, full stops and capital letters at the start of every sentence.

Try to write about these pictures using the prompts.

Continue to watch these videos to help remember your phonics phases 3 4, and 5 by clicking the links below

Phase 3

phase 4

phase 5 





Spectacular Space !!!

Still image for this video

This term we will be looking at space ! we will be learning the names of all the planets in our solar system - see how many of these planets you can remember. Do you know which planet we live on? can you put them in order they are in the solar system? Which do you think is the biggest? Which is the furthest away from the sun? Which is the closest to the sun? What can you find out about the planets and our solar system? How many moons do we have? Do the other planets have moons too? How many moons do they have? What do the other planets look like? Which planets have a ring?



earth moon sun spinning .mp4

Still image for this video
Watch how it takes the earth 1 day (24 hours) to make one full rotation and it takes 365 days (1 year) for the earth to make a full rotation around the sun !!!

Exploring Our Solar System: Planets and Space for Kids - FreeSchool

Check out this video on the solar system it is an in-depth introduction to the Solar System and the planets that are in it. see how many names of the planets you can remember. What can you tell me about the planets?

The Solar System Song

Listen to this song about the solar system and see what you can learn about the other planets in our solar system!

The Solar System 3D animation for kids - Educational video

The Solar System in 3D animation for kids is an educational video.

The SOLAR SYSTEM for kids | From planet to planet - Compilation

Are you ready to take a walk in the Solar System? Hop into our spaceship tp learn and enjoy! In this video, you'll find interesting details about the planets...