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Hi and welcome to our class page! Miss Green, Mrs Virdee and Mrs Akhtar are the teaching staff in 4G and we are excited to be sharing all the hard work and exciting things we have been doing this term!

What we are learning about this term...


We are now teaching in sets in Year 4 which is helping us to improve our writing, reading and maths with Miss Green and Miss Okaner. If you have any questions about how this works or the progress your child is making, please come and see us on Parents' Evening.


English: Persuasive Writing and 'The Beasties'

We have been learning how to structure a persuasive argument in a letter. We have compared letters and decided which features make it better, practised using persuasive devices and written two excellent letters about deforestation and smoking. Lots of the children have earned golden signatures for their excellent work so well done!


Next half term, we will be concentrating on using adverbial phrases in our work and the perfect book to show us how is 'The Beasties'!



Maths: Multiplication and Division, Weight and Decimals

We have looked at addition and subtraction using column methods, bar chart analysis and fractions so we will now be concentrating on the column method for multiplication and short division. We will also revise how to compare and record weight and mass and become familiar with the place value of decimals and solving problems with pounds and pence.



Science: Sound

We will be learning how to describe sounds scientifically and investigating whether something needs to move to make a sound.



Art and Geography: African Pattern and The African Rainforest

After finishing our learning about The Benin Kingdom in Africa, we will be looking more closely at the geographical features and understanding the types of trees and animals found in the rainforest.




We have begun French lessons and it is quickly becoming our favourite lesson! We have looked at how to meet and greet different people and we have recorded some of our conversations.