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Click here for information and induction to Year 7






We hope you and your family are keeping safe and well during these unprecedented times. 


During the closure of the school, please find below a number of useful websites that will support your child's learning at home.  


We sent home learning packs for all children in Year 6; these activities will support your child for the rest of this term with SATs revision. We also sent home the website details to access previous SATs papers. This is a very useful website and should be used as part of a revision tool for your child (


Revision of topics is key to remembering learning, so please do refer back to the previous home learning sheets and revision packs that we have sent out this year.  


It will be important that your child’s day is balanced.  Depending on your child’s age, they will not be expected to concentrate on one task for more than half an hour.  We therefore recommend regular breaks from activities and a balance of screen-based and non-screen-based activities. 


Please remember that your child should continue reading for at least 30 minutes everyday.


I have also attached a Times Tables worksheet and the statutory spellings for Year 6 so you can continue testing them.  


I will continue to update this page so please do check back regularly. 



Education City                                                                          Topmarks (English and Maths)                                             


Bug  Club                                                                                   Maths games                        

(School Code: 3tjr)


Twinkl                                                                                          Mathletics                                              


BBC Bitesize                                                                                Times Tables Rock Stars                                    

Year 6  Project



The Task:

Your task is to choose an endangered species and complete your own research project. You can use the Internet and books to gather information.

Go wild and become an expert on your animal!
Here are a few activities to give you some inspiration. Try to complete as many of them as you can.


  • Research
    • Why is the animal you have chosen endangered? / What is being done to save it?
    • How has the population of your chosen endangered changed in recent years?
    • How has the animal adapted to its environment?
    • Where does your chosen endangered species live? What does it eat?
  • Write a poem
  • Write a story
  • Create artwork/ Make the habitat
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Collage
    • Sculpture
  • Design an informative PowerPoint
  • Produce a poster encouraging people to help look after endangered animals
  • Write a fact file/information booklet/non-chronological report
  • Create a video/stop motion animation/voice recording
  • Map work
  • Anything else you can think of!

This project will last a few weeks; therefore lots of effort needs to be put into it. Do not just copy and paste the information, try and put it into your own words.

                    Be creative and have fun!!



Edinburgh Zoo have put some of their webcams online so you can watch the animals live!


J K Rowling has set up a special website while you are all at home called 'Wizarding World'.  This gives you access to lots of information and activities about Harry Potter and looks great.


This might be useful to watch.  It is a Newsround report where children from Italy, who have been in lockdown for longer than us, give some advice and tips about managing.


The Book Trust's Illustrator in Residence, Ed Vere, has launched a very special 'drawing diary' competition - with the chance to win some fantastic prizes!   For those of you who love your drawing or art, this might be perfect for the Easter holidays.



BBC Bitesize and Oak National Academy have set up an online classroom and resource hub to support pupils with their learning. They provide a bank of high-quality, sequenced video lessons and resources for you to access at home. 


Click on the links below to get started.






For those of you who have your ukulele at home, I have included a website link and login details below so you can continue practising at home.

Username: summerfie
Password: k95Lb42j



David Walliams - free audio book EVERY DAY for 30 days!


David Walliams is uploading a free audio book every day for 30 days. You can listen live every day at 11am or catch up at another time during the day. Click here to listen




The Young People's Trust for the Environment have produced home learning packs to support children's learning. They will be producing a new pack each week, to be released every Friday. 

Click the link below to access the activities.

Keeping Active


There are lots of ways you can incorporate exercise into your new home learning routine.

YouTube is an endless source of great exercise and dance videos for your children. Try these to start with – there are plenty more!


  •  Joe Wicks will be doing a daily workout for school children of all ages every day.  If you can't do it live, these are saved on his YouTube channel. 
  • Dance ‘n Beats has a wide selection of fun dance routines for younger children to enjoy.
  • Just Dance has a more challenging selection of videos for older children.
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga has a fun range of videos to guide your child through yoga sessions.
  • Jump Start Jonny has some fab free high-energy workouts on his website, plus a few on YouTube too.


Practical tip: Make sure children warm up and warm down before and after each workout session. Walking on the spot, arm swings or circles, jumping jacks, side hops and lunges are all good options.




Baking provides a wealth of learning opportunities...and produces some delicious results too. Working through a simple recipe with your child will help develop measuring skills (Maths), following instructions (English) and can help them understand reversible and irreversible changes (Science).


Practical tip: Ask your child questions as you work through the recipe, such as ‘What do we need to do next?’, ‘How does our mixture look different now to before we added the flour/butter/sugar?’, ‘How much more flour do we need than sugar?’ As an added challenge, try doubling or halving the recipe too!


Computer Coding


This may sound complicated but there are lots of free websites out there for children to help them understand how coding works. One of our favourites is Scratch. Children can program their own interactive stories, games and animations, whilst learning a bunch of key skills along the way.


Getting Arty


There are a wealth of Art activities you can do with your child at home that don’t require too much equipment (or mess!). Here are our top 5 fuss-free Art activities:


  • Rock painting: grab some small rocks or pebbles from your garden and paint them as animals to create pet rocks!
  • Photo cut-outs: Print off any picture and cut it in half using zigzag lines. Stick onto a plain sheet of paper and challenge your child to complete the picture.
  • Copy the masters: Challenge children to replicate the art of artists. Check out the art of Piet Mondrian or Kandinsky for younger artists.
  • Still life: plop an apple, a vase, a glass or a flower in front of them and challenge children to draw what they see. As an extra challenge, ask them to paint it using just one colour, such as using different shades of red.
  • Squiggle art: draw a small squiggle on a sheet of paper using curvy or straight lines. Challenge your child to then turn the squiggle into a drawing. You might be surprised at the masterpieces that can be developed from these simple squiggles!



Here is a link to a long list of audio books for you to enjoy.


Our thank you to the NHS and key workers 


We want to show our appreciation and how grateful we are for the work of the NHS and key workers. Some of these workers might be members of your family or people that live down your street. The support that they are providing us with is incredible and we want to recognise and celebrate it. 


Have you been taking part in the clap for the NHS at 8pm every Thursday?

Every Thursday at 8pm, members of the public stand on their doorsteps to clap and show their appreciation for the NHS. Let's all join them this Thursday to thank the NHS and key workers for all they are doing for us.


I have included a selection of activities below that you can take part in to celebrate and appreciate the work that they do. Send pictures of your work to and we will share and celebrate them on Twitter.

VE Day Remembrance and Celebration 


Friday 8th May is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day is also known as Victory in Europe Day and marks the day towards the end of World War Two. To help remember the soldiers who fought and celebrate this milestone, I have put together a number of different activities. 


These are just a few ideas and some of them require a few resources. However, there are lots of other activities out there too and I'm sure your children will be able to come up with creative ideas. 


If you can, please send in some photos of how you have chosen to celebrate VE Day. We would love to see what you've been doing. Send them to


What is VE Day? 

If you want to learn more about VE Day, you could have a look at the PowerPoint below. If you enjoy researching, read the VE Day information sheet and then have a look at the challenge 'What is VE Day' to show off your learning!  



School Games have produced a booklet to help support families to stay physically active and healthy at home during COVID 19. Throughout the booklet you will discover a wide range of fun and exciting physical activities and challenges that you can play in your own home or garden. The activities require very little equipment and use objects that most homes will have. Have fun!


Miss Knight has also been busy updating the Summerfield P.E. page so take a look at some more ideas on how to keep fit and active at home.


I would love to see you in action so don't forget to take some photos and send them to




It has been a while since our last French lesson. Have a go at some of the French activities below and see how much you can remember. I have added a writing activity at the end for those of you who would like the extra challenge.


When you have completed them all, have a go at the treasure hunt and see how many you can find at home. Have fun!!

Treasure Hunt

The Eiffel Tower Project


If you are feeling creative children why not have a go at making your very own Eiffel Tower! You can have a go at painting or drawing the Eiffel Tower. However, if you would like to take on a bigger challenge, why not BUILD the Eiffel Tower! Below are some ideas to give you inspiration.


Don't forget to ask your parents/carers to email over a copy of your masterpieces to Your work could be featured on the school website! smiley 





Below are some activities to help you consider both possible worries and positives that you may have experienced during this very different time. If somebody at home is able to look at the sheets with you either before, during or after you have completed them, that would be fantastic as you will be able to chat about any worries or positives that may have come up. You will all feel differently about the situation and that is fine - you do not have to fill the sheets up completely!


I have also included some ideas for some short mindfulness brain breaks which might help you to relax and switch off for a few minutes if this is helpful for you.





Keeping safe on the internet is extremely important and since our school closure we have tried to ensure children are set work through numerous websites. I would like to remind you children to be safe and sensible whilst on the internet. Here are some activities to remind you how to keep safe online. Please read through the PowerPoint first. If you or your parents would like more information, click on this website:


Week Beginning 15.06.20






If we were at school we would've been learning all about the Titanic. Have a look below at the menu of activities and work through them all at your own pace. 


Titanic Menu of activities


Titanic Maths

Titanic Clocks 


The Power of Kindness


As the UK faces a global coronavirus pandemic, things can feel a little uncertain and even overwhelming. But, during these difficult times, one thing is clear: small acts of kindness make a big difference.  Across the country, there has been an outpouring of kindness and children and young people can play their role too. By understanding what we can all do to help tackle this virus, they’ll gain a sense of stability and resilience.  The power of kindness calendar helps children and young people learn about and carry out kind acts. 


Help and Advice for Children during Coronavirus


Here are a few useful resources to help support you through these challenging times. We know that it is strange learning from home and not seeing your friends, but if we follow the guidelines and support one another we will be able to be back together soon! 

Relationships and Important People


This is a really important time for us to consider the relationships we have with people and who is important to us and why. Take a look at the activities for your year group, taking time to reflect on how your relationships with your friends may have changed over this period of time.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing


Within these unfamiliar times it is extremely important to make sure that we are looking after our own mental health and emotional wellbeing as well as those around us. These sessions and activities will help you to understand different feelings and how to support your own and others’ mental health.

Message from Perryfields Secondary School


Videos / Youtube links

Message from Headteacher and Assistant Head Teacher


Message from Head and Assistant Head of Year


Tour of the school



Message from Q3 Langley Secondary School


Attached are our Q4K- Quest for Knowledge booklets - (these are like knowledge organisers) which identifies all core knowledge students need to know in their first cycle. There is also a video which helps them use this booklet on our You Tube Channel -


Also, there is a Summer Challenge for students to attempt which allows students to access a number of activities to help them prepare for their life at Q3 Langley.

Message from Lordswood Girls' Secondary School 


I am really looking forward to welcoming you to Lordswood Girls’ School in September. In the meantime, I hope that many of you will be able to get to know your new school and some of your teachers by watching the videos on our website. We would love to know a little more about you too so we are sending you a ’Moving Up’ project which we hope you will enjoy completing! There is a ‘Happiness Box’ for you to prepare and then the opportunity to tell us more about yourself in a piece of writing. When you have completed your project, please email it back to Mrs Peniket, your Head of Year – by Monday 13th July. In September, you will be able to talk about your happiness box with your Form tutor.

Week Beginning 22.06.20


Hope you are all well and staying safe.


Have a look at the English and Maths activities for this week and work through them all at your own pace. I have included the answers to the maths questions so you can check your work after you have completed them all.


When you have completed them, click on the link below and complete the tasks for English, Maths and Science. If the Year 6 tasks are too difficult then select a different year group.

29.06.20 Project

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak


The Task:

Imagine you are an up-and-coming fashion designer and your sole ambition is to design for a very well-known fashion label. You want them to notice you so your task is to design an attractive, unique and trendy outfit. You can use the Internet and books to gather ideas.


Click on the link below to access a variety of book all about fashion. Just type in ‘fashion’ in the search bar.

Here are a few activities to give you some inspiration. Try to complete as many of them as you can.


  • Research ideas you are interested in
  • Think about who your target audience will be
  • What are you going to design? Dress, skirt, suit, shorts or Tops
  • What materials will be using to make your design?
  • How can you add detail to your design? Stripes, flowers, numbers/lettering or frills
  • Create artwork
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Collage
  • How would you present your ideas to the fashion agency?
  • Produce a poster, sketch board, slideshow, billboard advertisement or webpage
  • Think about how much your design will cost, if your outfit is too expensive it could put potential fashion brands off buying your design. If it is too cheap they may think it is not a good quality design
  • Anything else you can think of!

Try and be as creative as you can and have fun!

Take a look at the pictures below for some inspiration

Week Beginning 06.07.20


Hey guys! Hope you're all well. We are missing you at school. 


We're going to be doing some topic and science work this week so have a look at the links below and work through them at your own pace. Choose the worksheet that suits you.  :) 



Once you have completed them all, click on the link below to access the English, Maths and Science work for the week beginning 06.07.20.

Week Beginning 13.07.20


Hi guys! Have a go at the activities below to help prepare you for secondary school. I have included the answers to the maths questions so you can check your work after you have completed them all.


If there is anything in particular you would like me to include on the class page, please email me and let me know. (

Once you have completed them all, click on the link below to access the English, Maths and Science work for the week beginning 13.07.20.