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We plan the curriculum at Summerfield with reference to the National Curriculum. Themes are chosen each term which reflect the programmes of study, although some subject areas are addressed separately


  • 4 Core Subjects: Mathematics, English, Science, Computing.
  • 6 Foundation Subjects: Technology, History, Geography, Art, Music.
  • Basic Subjects - Physical Education, Religious Education, PSHE


We also build the cross curricular themes of Health, Emotional Health, Environment, Industry and Citizenship into our planning. The SRE curriculum is also addressed and parents are kept fully informed as to the content, when and who will deliver the talks.


"Pupils say that one of the main reasons for their good enjoyment of school is the way that teachers make learning fun by providing them with lots of practical and stimulating activities". Ofsted 2009


Information about the Curriculum

If parents have any concerns about the curriculum they should be addressed initially to the Headteacher. If issues cannot be resolved, parents are able to refer the matter to the Governing Body.

Parents are invited to discuss their child's progress and achievement on Parents' Evenings throughout the year, and at other times by making an appointment.

Formal assessments will occur during Year 2 and Year 6.

Teachers hold one-to-one conferencing with pupils three times a year where they review and set targets to further aid progress. All parents are given a written report in July.