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Welcome to Nursery!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


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Barnardo's Big Toddle.

On Friday 24th June we took part in a Barnardo's Big Toddle event, to raise money for the children's charity.

We walked to the "little park" between Winson Street and Molliet Street, where we met some of our parents. We played football on the grass, climbed the rocks, and spent some time in the children's playground on the roundabout, the slide and the swings. There was just time for  a drink and some biscuits before going back to school. We all had a special Barnardo's sticker and a medal for taking part.


We had a GREAT time! (See the pictures below).


A big THANK YOU to all parents and family members who joined us for the Big Toddle, and an even bigger THANK YOU for all the money you raised. 

The total money raised was £220.23 pence

Thank you so much for your support.




Summerfield Street Party 2016

It is Queen Elizabeth's official birthday. She is ninety years old. We spent part of the week making decorations and we made food to eat at our "playground street party."

We looked at  wedding celebrations of our families and friends. Some of us bought in family wedding photographs. We talked about the similarities and differences between Christian, Sikh, and Muslim wedding customs and celebrations. We had a wedding role too, and we all got dressed up and married our friends! On Friday, we all dressed up in our party clothes and had our own Summerfield Wedding party!

Look at the fun we had!

Our Summerfield wedding.

We spent several weeks exploring food. We talked about the importance of eating  a healthy breakfast, healthy and not so healthy foods, - fruits, vegetables, party foods, favourite types of bread, and favourite sandwich fillings. We even made our own bread!

Look at all the wonderful activities we took part in at Nursery.


Learning Focus - Food

Art using natural objects

We have been learning about animals and where they live. This week we looked at farm animals. As part of our learning, we went on a trip to Sandwell Valley Farm. There were baby animals too!

We took our toy monkey George to visit the farm, and we took turns to look after him.


We were so good at the farm, our teachers let us play in the big adventure playground. We had great fun, but we were all very tired at the end of the morning. When we got home we told our families all about our adventurous day.

Our Visit to Sandwell Valley

When we came back from the farm we painted animal pictures and we made animals using paper plates, and clothes pegs.

Look at our pictures.

Chinese New Year

Playing and exploring outdoors in Nursery!

We have been learning all about winter. The children have been looking for changes outside and looking at what is happening to the weather.


Why not go on a winter walk with your child? talk about the trees? look for wildlife and different signs of winter.


For Your information:

Please can you encourage your children to put on and fasten their coats by themselves, children need to become independent.


Adventures in Nursery