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In wind, rain, sleet, ice and very cold weather Year 1W and Year 3L have carried out great work in Forest School sessions!


The whole school has also taken part in Bird Watch.

We have discovered that we have a range of birds visiting our school grounds and we are encouraging them by feeders and nesting boxes around our grounds!

Winter in Forest School (1W and 3L)

Threading fruit to make bird feeders.
Choosing where to hang them.
Looking at model birds and remembering their names
Off we go to hang our bird feeders!
A deluxe home for a Hedgehog-great work Arslaan!
Any Hedgehog would be happy to live here!
Using what you can find in Forest School!
This will keep any Hedgehog warm and dry.
This Hedgehog house looks sturdy!
A lean to house works well for the Hedgehogs.
A comfy nest for eggs to be laid in.
A very lively nest for a lucky bird!
No rolling eggs in this nest!
Softening the fat for Bird Cake.
Mix in the seeds and blend together.
Squash mixture into prepared containers.
Jackson learns that the wind has to be worked with
Creating Winter mobiles on a cold day!
Wintry mobiles - plenty of sparkle on this one!
Mexican Eyes with a wintry theme
Year 3 - from stick mobiles to stick Mexican Eyes
Y1- built homes for the Dragon
Y1 stick reindeers appeared!

Spring has slowly turned into Summer and Forest School has been very busy.

here are some highlights:

Fairies came to Summerfield
We made group Fairies outside
We made our own fairy inside
We made wands
We decided what magic our fairy would do
Pink wands...
Feathery wands
The fairies needed houses
We made them some
All different shapes
A proud wand maker
This is a happy wand maker
Year 4 were investigating mini-beasts
We made models and imprints of them
Year 4 had to learn the fire safety routine
Then we could toast marshmallows
Eat up me hearties!
Choc chip pancakes were very popular
Yum Yum! More Please!
Building shelters is not so easy!
What can we trynext?
How big can we make it?
We even sat in our shelters
Original designs abound
We could sleep in here!
Logs are needed in this wind!
Choosing leaves in school grounds
Exploring leaves in Year 2
Are leaves all green?