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Outdoor Learning

Winter has made Forest School a chilly but bracing atmosphere!


We have started to develop a MIni-Beast Hotel and feeding the birds has become very important.

Here is some photographs of the activities completed by 2S, 4S and some of our Forester Groups.

Autumn 2

Frosty spider Web windings.
Woodland necklaces were made.
Conkers, pinecones and acorns are very attractive!
Planning your animals-wht do I need?
Creating woodland animals.
Clay and natural materials used.
Woodland animals made by children in 4S.
Plans for mini-beast Hotel
Mini-beast Hotel begun.
Creating winter trees.
Collaging can take a while!
Icy, sparkly winter trees by 2S.
Christingle is a Scandanavian tradition.
It shows God's love for the World.
Y2S wound woll to make their trees.
Foresters in KS1 wound wool round forked twigs.
Y4S joined sticks and wrapped wire.
CDs make beautiful suncatchers.
Just add glitz!
Christmas in Forest School.
Happy Christmas from Forest School.

Autumn 2017 has started with some lovely colours appearing on our trees.

2N and 4O have explored the beauty of Autumn by making collages, wool windings, Mexican eyes, leaf kebabs, Journey sticks, mobiles, clay woodland animals and special forest school friends.

I want to thank everyone for their great enthusiasm and very imaginative work.

year 1 have also taken part in Environmental Art making pictures with leaves and shells just like Andy Goldsworthy a famous Artist who makes artwork from natural materials including snow, ice, rocks and wood