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Welcome to Class RC's webpage. Your class teacher is Miss Ward, and your teaching assistants are Miss Goodhand and Miss Latif. On this page we will be sharing photos and information about some of our activities with you.

Mickey Bear

Mickey Bear is our class teddy bear. He will visit each child at home for a weekend during the year. When he comes to your house we ask you to write something in his book about what he has been doing with your child, and if possible send a photo.
In September we had a lot of fun on the bouncy castle on Fun Day.

story themed activities

We have been learning some traditional tales, So far we have learnt Goldilocks and the 3 bears, The gingerbread man and The 3 little pigs. We have learnt to retell the stories with story maps and acted them out. 

We did a lot of counting and measuring with gingerbread men. We also made and ate gingerbread men.

Well done to everyone who did their nature picture homework. We were very impressed with your work!

Warley woods trip


We had a wonderful time in Warley woods learning about safety and fun in woodland environments. After a discussion about how to stay safe ( watch out for tree roots which could trip you, be aware things could fall from the trees above, do not touch berries, fungi or anything sharp, stay close to the main group, etc.)we explored the woods. Each child was given a bag in which to collect treasures such as leaves, conkers, cones and sticks. We found fairy doors on some of the trees. Finally we enjoyed playing on the equipment in the playground.

Miss Knight has been doing Forest School training and she lit a bonfire for us to sit around. We also lit the pumpkin lantern which we had made. The children learned about fire safety, watched the colours of the flames and listened to the wood popping as it burned. We then sang songs before having a delicious drink of hot chocolate.

Fun around the campfire!

Last week in our maths lessons we learnt about weighing things. We used balance scales to see which of 2 objects was heavier and which lighter. We also found out how many stones or marbles would balance items. Some children also used 10 and 5 gram weights. We looked at different types of scales and weighed ourselves on bathroom scales. In our literacy lessons we made fairy cakes and used kitchen scales to weigh the ingredients.
Friday 17th November was Children in Need day. The children wore spotty clothes to school. We had a teddy bears' picnic in the hall and invited parents. We were delighted to see so many parents and siblings taking part. Thank you so much for coming and we hope you enjoyed it. Please let us know if you would support future parent involvement projects.

Winter wonderland in our playground

Happy New Year!

The children really enjoyed their trip to see Stick Man at Birmingham Town Hall. Their behaviour was excellent. They all watched quietly and joined in when asked to. Since we have been back at school they have been busy drawing and writing about Stick Man. Some have made their own Stick man. We have also made Family Trees, used sticks for counting and sorting by length, and found our way home from school using Google maps.

On Wednesday the school nurse came to talk to the children about cleaning their teeth. She said that they should all clean their teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. That is the time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song twice. The children all know that sweets , cake and biscuits are bad for their teeth, and that fruit juice contains a lot of sugar. The nurse brought in a dinosaur so that the children could practise cleaning his teeth.
Today we were treated to an exciting science show based on special effects in films. There were loud bangs and big flashes, smoke rings and a car blown over. The children made their own flying broomsticks.

Film themed science day

The Royal Wedding