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Welcome to RC!


Mrs. Cane, Miss Latif and Miss Goodhand are the teaching staff in RC.

We are happy that we can share all the exciting things we learn about in reception class with you, including class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


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On Friday July 15th we went on the school trip to Hatton Adventure park. We fed guinea pigs and goats. We watched a barn owl and some of us got to hold it on our hand with a special glove. We also watched a sheep race, rode on a tractor cart and played on toy diggers.
Tuesday July 1st was our walk to the park to have fun, learn about safety out of doors and to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. We had a lot of fun and everyone was brilliantly well-behaved! Many thanks to the parents who came with us for your support. We will let you know how much money we raised by the end of next week.
Today (July 1st) we had a very special visitor- Atomic Abbie from Mad science. She showed us some experiments with fire and ice in the assembly hall. Later she came into our classroom and we did some fun work about dinosaurs. We also made a plaster cast of a dinosaur tooth.
On Friday June 10th we celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday. It was an exciting day as we had been preparing all week. First we did some warm up exercises with Sportacus, then some dancing games. We were a little concerned about the weather after Wednesday's flood, but the rain held off so that we could have our "Street Party" outdoors.

This week we have been very busy preparing to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. We wrote lists of party food, made birthday cards, painted the Queen, made placemats, hats, bunting, paper chains and flags, and decorated biscuits.. In the maths area we weighed the ingredients for our flapjack and timed it in the cooker. We also found out how many cups could be filled from 50cl,

1 litre and 2 litre bottles using our knowledge of doubling to estimate.

We have been celebrating St. George's day. The children wore red and white clothes to school to match the colours in the flag of England and St. George. We learnt about the story of St. George saving a village and particularly a princess by killing a dragon. In class we made shields, built Duplo castles, painted flags and drew dragons.
We had a visit from "Animal Mania," who brought lots of animals for the children to look at, stroke and ask questions about. These included a chinchilla, a tortoise, a frog, a snake and a rabbit. Some of our children were a little nervous at first but everyone at least stroked an animal and several were brave enough to have the snake put round their necks!
We have been working very hard this half term. When we came back to school we found a huge golden egg in our classroom! The children had lots of ideas where it had come from, including "It fell from the sky," " A pink mummy dinosaur brought it," and "The skeleton brought it." Nobody knew what was in the egg and ideas ranged from chocolate to a monster, or a pink spotty dinosaur. Ionut was sure it was a T.Rex, and Maya was convinced it was a pterodactyl. When it hatched it was a cute green baby stegasaurus. The children wrote lots of questions about it to send to Andy the dinosaur man. They wanted to know how big it would grow, if it would have teeth and what we should feed it on.
We enjoy cooking in reception class.  It is good practice for counting, weighing and measuring. So far we have made coconut barfi, muffin moon mini pizzas and pancakes. They have all been delicious!
We celebrated Chinese New Year by making our own dragon to perform a dragon dance, and we did some Chinese ribbon dancing in P.E.


We have been learning all about space! We have done some space writing and we even had a visit from an Alien! The alien left us a message and we have written some letters back to him! We also had a visit from an astronomer who answered our questions about space, the moon and planets. We acted out a journey into space, thinking about the people we would miss and the exciting things we might see.

We all enjoyed our visit to the Town Hall to see "We're going on a bear hunt." It was exciting and funny and we even got sprayed with water! We did lots of follow up work and enjoyed re-creating the story situations in school, acting them out and making the appropriate sounds.
Mickey Bear has now been home with lots of children and has had a lot of fun. Thank you to all parents who have written in his diary and added photos of his adventures with your child.




Meet our class teddy! His name is Mickey and every weekend he will be going home with one of our children. When he comes to your house please look after him and make a note in his diary about the fun he has had with your child. All the children are very excited about taking him home to meet their families.