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phonics lesson with Mrs Dutton

a very nervous teacher filming a phonics lesson, a revise and recap of phase 2 and 3 letters and sounds for reception age children.


I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe at home during this bizarre time.

please find attached some website and resources that should help you support your child in their home learning over the next few weeks. 


support your child with their phonics by

reading with them at home, practice reading and writing these high frequency words. Write them on paper or boards around your home and ask children to read as many as they can. Learn 5 to begin with and when your child knows those 5 words move onto the next 5. Try to make it a game to see how many they can read. then ask children to write them.

use these website links to help support your child with their phonic reading.


ask your child to write a simple sentence using their sounds Encourage children to stretch the word out and write the sounds they can hear in that word, it is ok if they don't spell the words correctly if they are using their sounds. you can always show them the correct spelling after. eg. if they wanted to write the word chocolate say stretch the word out what can you heard, ch-o-c-l-t. 


you can play phonic games to further support your child's reading through these websites.


To support your child with their maths practice everyday real life maths with children, for example cook with your child, measuring out ingredients and comparing size of containers. Ask children to estimate how many spoons or cups they may need to fill a container for example and get them to count them out correctly. 

Practice reading and writing numbers to 20. Ask children to put them in the correct order and say which is one more or one less than a given number in the number line. Encourage children to count out amounts of objects matching them to the correct number. Use the number line below to support children with they numbers. 

use the following websites to further enhance children maths learning at home and to make learning fun. (maths section) (type in specific age band for your child so 4-5)


Above all try to enjoy playing and talking with your child, talk to them about what is happening in the world and give them time to talk to you. Play imaginatively with children create and build things from cardboard boxes or paper. The following links will give you ideas on creative activities you can do with your children at home.


Enjoy have fun stay home and stay safe!


Mrs Dutton!