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Welcome to Miss Walker's class.


Your teachers are Miss Walker and Miss Farooq

How To Use Collins Big Cat Library

Curriculum Guidance Development Matters Early Adopter framework 2020

Early Adopter Assessment frame work for Reception Early Learning Goals 2020



This week we are going to be talking about Pirates! If you are off school please listen to the story The Pirates are coming. Talk to your family about pirates - What do they know about them?


Can you draw a pirate ship?

Can you draw a pirate map?

Where do you think pirates like to go?

What treasure would you hide if you were a pirate?


If you would like to send us pictures of your child's work please email it to:


If your child is off school due to isolation or quarantining please practice the following skills with them.


- Recognising and writing their name in lowercase letters.

- Looking at books together, talk about the pictures and follow the print with their finger. 

- Put on and zip up their coat.

- Put on their shoes.

- Hold a pencil correctly.

- Draw pictures of themselves, their friends and family.

- Recognise numbers to 10 and counting objects to 10. 

- Retell the story we have been learning - Goldilocks and the Three Bears.​​​​​​​