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RW 2019-2020

Miss Walker, Miss Broadhouse and Miss Latif welcome you to RW and look forward to helping you learn lots and enjoy your reception year to its fullest!

Sesame Street: We're Different, We're the Same | Read Along Series

Elmo and Abby want to learn about things that are different and the same. Gordon is reading a great book that might help Abby and Elmo called We're Different...

Home Learning - Summer


We hope you are still having lots of fun at home and keeping up with your home learning. Here are some phonics activities for you to have a go at 


Now using your phonics and tricky words, can you have a go at writing about this picture?
or writing what you can see in the summer?

Don't forget your finger spaces between words and full stops at the end of your sentences.

Remember to read your sentences back to check they make sense too!


Here are some maths activities you can have a go at too.....

There are some craft activities you can have a go at making too, we know you like to make lots of things at school, you can try writing some instructions or lists of the things you need too!
You could have a go at some of these science experiments too....

As the weather gets hotter, maybe you could design a sun safety poster too...


Remember to send some pictures or videos of the things you get up to at home to Miss Walker!


We hope you have lots of fun and stay safe in the sunshine smiley

Summer Project


Now you have seen the story of Jaspers Beanstalk. Talk about what happens in the story with your family.

What do you think is at the top of Jaspers beanstalk?

Can you draw a picture and write about what you think Jasper might see?

Do you know any other stories about beanstalks? Can you remember what happens in those stories?


Have a go at some of these activities too......


Remember to send some photos and videos to Miss Walker's email

We hope you have lots of fun and look forward to seeing what you are getting up to at home laugh

Jasper's Beanstalk


here is a link to a video of the story, watch the story and talk about what happens.



Why do you think Jasper is looking for giants?


Can you draw a picture of a giant and write about it?


Can you make a tall beanstalk out of paper or blocks?


why not email your pictures to me and I will put them on the website.


Have Fun!!

Get your children moving and maybe join in too!!!


Our school enjoys a partnership with School Games and they have put together an advice pack on how to encourage your children to keep active during this time away from school. Please have look at the document provided below for lots of wonderful ideas and tips. We would love to see pictures of the children and maybe yourselves taking part in some of the suggested activities so feel free to email them to us! 


If you want more advise on P.E. and activities for your children to do please check out our Summerfield P.E. page, Miss Knight is working hard to find lots of examples and ideas to keep all of our pupils fit and healthy!

School Games - P.E. Activities.

Online Safety - Home Education Activity Packs.


The website Thinkyouknow was created to help parents get advice on and protect their children whilst they explore the online world. During this time away from school, whilst a lot of learning is being carried out online it is more important now than ever that your children are learning about how to stay safe online. Thinkyouknow have created home learning packs for children aged from 4 up to secondary age. Every fortnight they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities for you to do with your child to support their online safety at home. Please click here for the Home activity packs for ages 4-5.

Old and New project- Week beginning 11.5.20


This term at school we would normally be looking at and comparing things that are old and new and how things have changed over time.


Why not research on the internet or look in books to find out about travel and how that has changed over the years, look at old and new cars or aeroplanes or simply ask your parents how things have changed and talk about what is different from when they were little or when your grandparents were little. 


Did they have iPhone? Did they have Xboxes or PlayStations? Did they have electric cars? flat screen TVs or mobile phones?


Old and New Toys.


Task 1:

Draw a picture of your favourite toy, take a photograph and send it to us in an email and we can add it to our school webpage.



here is a drawing of Mrs Dutton’s favourite toy when she was little, she has labelled her picture and written about it can you create one about your favourite toy?

Label your picture, write about what it is and why you like to play with it, don’t forget to use your phonic sounds to sound out the words, don’t just copy the words that an adult has written, try to sound them out. 



Mrs Dutton's Favourite toy


  • Ask you parents what toys they played with when they were younger. Talk about how things are different and what has changed, what was popular when they were little?


    Task 2:

    Look at the story ‘The Old Toy Room’. Listen to the story with a grown up and talk about what happens in the story. What toys are in the story? Do you have any of these toys? Do we have these toys at school?




    Task 3:

    Set up your own toy shop using toys or things around your house. Write prices for the different toys just like we did at school and see if your mums or dads or brothers and sisters want to pretend to buy things from your shop. You could even make some pretend money from paper or use buttons or bottle tops to be coins. 


    Why not email me a picture of your toy shop and I can add it to our school webpage. 


Task 4:

Write a shopping list of different toys don’t forget to use your phonics to sound out the words you want to write and check your work by reading it back.


Other Activities:

  • If you have a catalogue you could cut out some of your favourite toys and make a collage of toys you like. 

I really look forward to seeing how your toy projects are going I will be asking you in our phone calls next week all about your projects and if you have started to find things out about the past.


Thanks again and have fun!


Miss Walker


V.E. Day.


On Friday we would normally be celebrating Victory in Europe Day otherwise known as V.E. Day. This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II. We would normally be celebrating with street parties and other celebrations but those have had to be put on hold this year due to Covid-19. However the importance of V.E. Day and all that happened during WWII should not be forgotten. 


Please use this time to talk to your children about how V.E. Day is a celebration of the end of World War II and a time to thank the brave men and women who fought for all of our freedom. Please spend some time talking about V.E. Day with your children and maybe try a few of the activities below.



Using a safe search engine such as KidzSearch, this article on Newround or videos on Youtube, can you find out the answers to these questions - you could write your answers down or email them to me!


  • What does Victory mean?
  • When is V.E. Day celebrated?
  • How was the first V.E. Day celebrated?
  • When was World War II?
  • Which countries were involved in WWII? - Can you find them on a map?
  • What does rationing mean? What was rationed during WWII?
  • What happened to some children during WWII?




Do you know what Music was popular at the time of V.E. Day? Listen to some of these songs.


We'll Meet Again - Dame Vera Lynn.

In the Mood - Glenn Miller.

Hang out the Washing on the Siegfried Line.

White Cliffs of Dover - Dame Vera Lynn.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - The Andrews Sisters.

Write about what you have learnt about V.E. Day.

War Time Recipes.

Letters and Sounds!


Letters and Sounds is an essential part of learning to read and write, we work really hard helping your children to learn their sounds and then blending them (putting them together) to read and segmenting them (pulling them apart) to write. Here is a link to a parents guide to understanding letters and sounds (phonics) - Click Here.


There are also daily lessons for Reception children - click here - and Year 1 children - click here. Encouraging your children to watch these will help them to learn the new sounds they would be learning in school and revise the sounds they have previously been taught. All of this will help your children to be prepared for when they get back into the classroom!


Thank you,


Miss Walker.

Reading time!


Every day at 5:45pm it is the cbeebies bedtime slot on cbeebies (channel 647 Sky, 202 Freeview, 702 Virgin.)


This is the time children should be winding down to get ready for bed and is a good time to share a story together. You can also access these stories online at 


Encourage children to listen to the story and then ask them questions about what they have just heard to make sure they understand what has happened. 


Alternatively you can download the cbeebies story time app on your device, search for "cbeebies story time" or click here for Apple App StoreGoogle Play Store and Amazon App Store.




I hope you are all keeping safe and well! It has been lovely speaking to so many of you over the last few weeks and hearing about what you have been up to away from school! I hope to speak to more of you soon.


We have been working hard to provide you with lots of different learning activities, trying to provide a balance between academic and creative! It is really important that the children are still given lots of opportunities - away from computers, tablets and mobile phones - to play and create as well as read, write and work on their maths skills. 


An online learning academy has been created called Oak National Academy which has been set up by Teachers to support us and you, with your children's ongoing learning. This is available from Early Years up to Year 10, so will be beneficial if you have older children too! For Reception children please click here. There are new lessons each day covering Literacy, Maths and additional subjects.


The BBC Bitesize website also has wonderful resources, these however are aimed at older children in Years 1 up to Year 10. The Year 1 resources may however be useful for some children in Reception especially the topic resources where they can learn about lots of subjects including Science, Geography, History, Music and P.S.H.E. These resources are added to daily.


Online Safety


As a lot of the learning we are providing is accessed online, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to please be aware of what your child is doing online at all times, not only to ensure they are learning and not just playing - as it is so easy for them to switch over from their learning to something they find more appealing - but to ensure they are keeping safe online and not viewing things that are inappropriate for their age and talking to people who you would not like them to talk to in the real world!


If you have any concerns please click on this link which provides a list of other websites for support and advice on keeping children safe online.


Please take care and stay safe,


Miss Walker.



Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy - Reception Classroom


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize - Year 1


Online Safety Links

Why not Learn about the Environment!


Here's a link to some home learning packs from the Young People's Trust for the Environment! They add new home learning packs each week on a Friday so have a look to see if there's anything you and your children might like to do and learn about! 


Scavenger Hunts!

Take a picture of your scavenger hunts and send them in to school, let me know if I can include them here on our class page!

Two books created to help explain Coronavirus to Children

School Closure.


We hope that you are keeping safe during these scary and uncertain times. I feel it is important to say that looking after each other and doing fun things is as important right now. Your children are probably feeling scared too so its not worth arguing over work and getting more stressed! Instead try some of the following activities in addition to the included work! 


  • Read a story and talk about it - Listen to a story (Booksalive on Youtube and the Audible App currently has free stories.
  • Make something - junk modelling.
  • Watch a film and talk about your favourite parts and why.
  • Look at family photos.
  • Talk about your childhood and that of other family members.
  • Cook/bake.
  • Play with their toys. 


The website Twinkl has a home learning hub ( ) with interactive resources, all of which are accessible for free during this period of school closures, simply create an account using the code UKTWINKLHELPS.


There are more ideas for work and activities on the RD class page.


Take care and know that all of us at Summerfield are thinking about each one of you!


Miss Walker

Phonics Lesson with Mrs Dutton

A very nervous teacher filming a phonics lesson, a revise and recap of phase 2 and 3 letters and sounds for reception age children.

RW 2018-2019

Making firework pictures

cooking hedgehogs

Literacy in RFW