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Year Group Curriculum Plans

These files contain the curriculum guidance for English and Maths for each year group. Each file has three pages in it which relate to the expectations for each term namely Autumn, Spring and Summer. The children are given a copy of each sheet each term and their targets for the term are identified on these sheets.

These are the topics covered each term by each year group during Autumn:


Year Group  Art D&T         History            Geography  
Year 1 Andy Goldsworthy

Moving Pictures


Castles The four Seasons


Guy Fawkes At the Farm
Year 3 Journeys             Moving Monsters Prehistoric Britain   Countries of the World
Year 4 Can we change places Seasonal Food         Village Settlers Ancient Rome
Year 5 Leonardo Da Vinci    Building Bridges Shang Dynasty South America
Year 6

Monet's life and


Building Bridges Crime and Punishment No


The teaching of reading is aided by the use of the Oxford Tree and Pearson reading schemes and the children are taught phonics through the Letters and Sounds curriculum.