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Mr Hussain, Ms Spooner and Mrs Sidhu are the teaching staff in 1H.  We are so excited that we can now share with you, all the exciting things that we do in 1H on our new website!  Take a look below to see what we have been up to!

The weather was brilliant for our Sports Day we had so much fun! Well Done 1H

We went to Twycross zoo for our end of year trip. We were all well behaved and we had a lovely time!

Twycross Zoo

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Twycross Zoo

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Twycross Zoo

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Who stole the chocolate?

We had an Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day where we had to work in teams and be detectives to solve a who done it mystery. We had to find evidence and analyse it within our groups to narrow down some potential suspects. We then had to create an evidence board and present our findings to the rest of the class. 

We measured water in millilitres in Maths using different types and sizes of containers

We made Mother's Day cards

Learning Visual Maths and showing the class how it's done!

Science wheels workshop - We made compressed air rockets and fan powered cars which we then raced with all the other classes.

Testing our cars

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Our Visit to the Back To Backs.


On Wednesday we went to visit the Back to Back houses which are 200 years old. When we got there we got dressed up as Victorian Children, the boys wore a cap, scarf, apron and waistcoat and the girls wore an apron and bonnet.


Our first job was to light the fire which children would have helped with in the Victorian times. We started by scrunching up newspaper and making it in to a knot, then we added kindling and coal. The guide lit a match and lit the newspaper. We saw the smoke coming out of the chimney! We found out why the fire was the most important part of the house. The fire was used to keep the house warm, to heat the water, to cook the food and to heat the iron!


Next we had a look around the different houses, each house had only 3 rooms; a kitchen downstairs, a boys bedroom on the first floor and the girls shared a bedroom with mum and dad on the top second floor. You were very lucky if you had your own bed most children had to share a bed with as many as 5 children in one bed!


Their kitchens were much different to ours, they had no taps so they had to get water from the well, they cooked on the fire and the food was very basic. They didn't have a living room but everyone was too busy working to sit around. The boys would be chopping up wood and maybe going to school while the girls would be helping with the cooking and washing.


Outside in the courtyard were the toilets and the washroom, all of the houses around the courtyard had to share the 3 toilets and the one washroom. The courtyard was the only space the children had where they could play but their toys were really simple and often handmade like peg dolls/soldiers, marbles and spinning tops!


The children were brilliant and the guides at the Back To Backs praised them for their behaviour! They had a great day but I think they prefer living in 2017 rather than in the Victorian times!

Playing our musical instruments

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We made some musical instruments using boxes and tubs

World Book Day 2017 - Welldone to all the children for dressing up as their favourite book character.

We made some pancakes - Yummy!

We designed and made our own musical instruments

Year 1 Parent Workshop

Which animals can you hear? Take a guess!

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We performed the story of 'The Four Singers' using a script

We made some chocolate Corn Flake cakes and then wrote some instructions on how to make them. They were delicious!

We have been playing barrier games using 3D shapes and giving instructions.

We have been hitting, throwing and catching in PE

We have been painting and drawing things we had seen on our walk around the area.

In Science we have been looking at different fabrics as part of our Materials topic. We used a magnifying glass to get a closer look.

We have been using Visual Maths to add two numbers together

Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf roleplay

The big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood

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Is it a monster? We have been looking at 'The Four Singers'

We did a Science experiment and we looked at different types of paper and how good it was for different tasks.

We had a fun Maths puzzle workshop. We learnt how to work as a team and completed lots of challenges.

We have been using Talk 4 Writing to storyboard Goldilocks and the Three bears

Santa came to visit us! We got some presents too.

We had a lovely fun time for our Christmas party, we sang, danced, had food and played party games.

Well done to all the children in Year 1, we have worked so hard and performed brilliantly today.

Getting ready for Christmas, our hoop and display.

Well Being Day - We learnt about healthy eating and keeping fit.

We held a silence for Remembrance Day to remember all those who have lost their lives during the wars.

Our guided reading session

We made some poppies for Remembrance Day.

It's Friday and it's pizza, chips and ice cream for lunch!

We used smarties to group them into different colours and create a tally and a bar chart

We made some firework pictures for Bonfire night

We used some objects to help us create some sounds for our own story of 'We're going in a crocodile hunt'

We made some clay animals in science. Can you guess some of the animals?

The Animal Man visited us and we got to see and touch lots of different animals. We will be writing about the Animal Man in English tomorrow.

We created symmetrical patterns on butterflies using paint

We had a Maths challenge and we had to use 2D shapes

We made some springy spiders by following instructions

We had a challenge from the Giant he wanted to build his enormous castle in our school so we went measuring using metre sticks and trundle wheels. We found out that the only place big enough was the school field.

We have measured the Giant's hand and estimated and counted how many magic beans he could hold in his hand.

In Maths we have been looking at measure this week and we have measured the Giant's footprint from Jack and the Beanstalk

Aargghh Spider! - We acted out the story learning some actions and using our loud voices.

Gymnastics - we did a sequence of a roll, jump and a balance.

We used dice in Maths to add two numbers together and had a go at writing the number sentences


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We worked in a team to build our Anaconda cages.

We have been reading Class Two At The Zoo so we decided to make some Anaconda cages to stop the snake from escaping.

We have been learning some massage techniques through story telling to help us relax.

The school nurse showed us how to wash our hands properly and then we checked our hands to see if we had any germs using ultraviolet light.

Our first dance lesson with Miss Lovely