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Welcome to 6G!


 Hi and welcome to our class page! Miss Green and Mr Wilkes are the teaching staff in 6G and we are excited to be sharing all the hard work and exciting things we have been doing this term!




Year 6 Leavers Assembly

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Year 6 Leavers assembly

What we are learning about this term...


Literacy: Writing Revision

We are revising the different text types we have written throughout the year and writing new pieces ready for our assessment at the end of this month. This includes writing a persuasive letter to Mr Ellis about how long our Summer holidays should be, a story based on the short film 'The Present', a newspaper about chaos in Mary's kitchen and finally, a report about the Queen.


In the last few weeks of Literacy, we will be preparing our Leavers' Assembly script and rehearsing our dance moves to entertain the school!



Maths: Trainee Teachers!

As we have finished our SATs, everyone chose a partner and, using the topics we have learnt this year, have planned, resourced and taught a lesson each! Miss Green showed us how teachers plan and using this, we made sure we found activities that were challenging enough for each group in the class.



Science: Danger! Low Voltage

We will be studying what is needed to make a complete circuit and proving these right or wrong using the equipment. Then we will carry out research to find out how electricity is made and how it travels to our home. This topic will be linked to Literacy and we will write a persuasive letter to the Government to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of renewable energies.




Design Technology and Geography: The Grand Canyon

We are looking at the Grand Canyon in America and concentrating on the physical features of this natural spectacular caused by tectonic plate movement. Everybody is trying to use geographical vocabulary in their work this term and use this in Literacy too. We have analysed the rainfall in the Canyon, the animals and plants found there, and the problems tourism can cause.



History and Art: American History and Performance Costume

As our overall topic is 'Think Big', we have been looking at the costumes used by different cultures and designing our own for a 'good' character and a 'bad' character, thinking carefully about the colours and shapes we use.



Enabling Enterprise: Challenge Day!

We will be having an Enabling Enterprise challenge day this term involving the whole school. We will be designing our own transport suitable for the future!