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During the closure of the school, please find below a number of useful websites that will support your child's learning at home.  


We sent home learning packs for all children in Year 6; these activities will support your child for the rest of this term with SATs revision. We also sent home the website details to access previous SATs papers. This is a very useful website and should be used as part of a revision tool for your child (


Revision of topics is key to remembering learning, so please do refer back to the previous home learning sheets and revision packs that we have sent out this year.  


It will be important that your child’s day is balanced.  Depending on your child’s age, they will not be expected to concentrate on one task for more than half an hour.  We therefore recommend regular breaks from activities and a balance of screen-based and non-screen-based activities. 


Please remember that your child should continue reading for at least 30 minutes everyday.


I have also attached a Times Tables worksheet and the statutory spellings for Year 6 so you can continue testing them.  


I will continue to update the pages so please do check back regularly. 




Education City                                                                          Topmarks (English and Maths)                                                


Bug  Club                                                                                   Maths games                        


Twinkl                                                                                          Mathletics                                               


BBC Bitesize                                                                                Times Tables Rock Stars                     




Year 6 Easter Project



The Task:

Your task is to choose an endangered species and complete your own research project. You can use the Internet and books to gather information.

Go wild and become an expert on your animal!
Here are a few activities to give you some inspiration. Try to complete as many of them as you can.


  • Research
    • Why is the animal you have chosen endangered? / What is being done to save it?
    • How has the population of your chosen endangered changed in recent years?
    • How has the animal adapted to its environment?
    • Where does your chosen endangered species live? What does it eat?
  • Write a poem
  • Write a story
  • Create artwork/ Make the habitat
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Collage
    • Sculpture
  • Design an informative PowerPoint
  • Produce a poster encouraging people to help look after endangered animals
  • Write a fact file/information booklet/non-chronological report
  • Create a video/stop motion animation/voice recording
  • Map work
  • Anything else you can think of!

This project will last a few weeks; therefore lots of effort needs to be put into it. Do not just copy and paste the information, try and put it into your own words.


Be creative and have fun!!