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At Summerfield Primary School, we want to instil in our pupils a love of Mathematics. We aim to engage student’s naturally curious minds and allow them to make their own mathematical discoveries while ensuring they gain the specific skillset needed to be confident mathematicians in the everyday world. Our students are encouraged to make strong links between distinct areas within Mathematics as well as across different curriculum subjects. This highlights the importance and presence Mathematics has across all aspects of learning and the wider world, preparing our pupils for its role in their future lives and careers. At Summerfield, our teaching is built upon embedding the three National Curriculum aims for Mathematics into daily practice:


  • Fluency – children are expected to be fluent with their calculations and mathematical recall, allowing them to solve problems with increasing speed and accuracy.
  • Reasoning – children should be able to use mathematical vocabulary confidently to explain their understanding of relationships between number, discuss hypotheses they have regarding numerical patterns and to justify generalisations they make.
  • Problem Solving – children should be able to apply their mathematical understanding in a range of contexts. They should have the tools to persevere with breaking problems down to identify and select the correct methods needed to solve them.




Children are offered a wide range of opportunities with which to learn, use and apply the various skills across the mathematics curriculum. We follow the Bright Pi programme of study, which ensures complete and consistent curriculum coverage throughout the school. By using the Bright Pi written calculation policy, the methods used for formal written calculations are taught consistently across all year groups, progressing in difficulty to challenge and stretch children as they move through the school. New concepts and skills are taught to pupils using the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach, allowing children to begin by ‘seeing’ the Maths which is taking place, before being expected to carry this out using written calculations. 


Alongside daily Maths lessons, mental calculation sessions take place three times a week, in which there is a specific focus on fluency and confidence with manipulating number. During lessons, problems are presented to children in a range of contexts and representations and the maths is made ‘real’ for pupils by providing scenarios that they will be familiar with. Children are encouraged to independently draw upon their learning when breaking down more complex problems, trying various methods to show their depth of understanding.



To provide equal opportunities to all pupils, Maths is taught within classes, not ability sets. We adopt the mastery approach, aiming for all children to access their appropriate year group curriculum, with high expectations across the whole school. Effective feedback is given to pupils on a daily basis, both verbal and written, encouraging further challenge or consolidation. Termly summative assessments are used systematically to inform strategic lesson planning and interventions needed. We want all of our pupils to feel a sense of achievement and enjoyments in Mathematics and strive to provide them with all the support necessary to enable them to succeed. Enjoyment and confidence in such a crucial curriculum area will allow our pupils to pursue their desired careers in this wide-ranging field: professions such as accountancy, engineering and a host of other vocations linked with this subject. 

Red Badge - 2, 5 and 10 times tables

Blue Badge - 3, 4 and 11 times tables

Yellow Badge - 6, 8 and 9 times tables

Green Badge - 7 and 12 times tables


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Written Calculation Policy


Please refer to the following information when helping your child with their Mathematics at home.