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Welcome to Nursery 2016-2017.


Can you believe it? We started school a whole month ago! Time flies!

We thought you might like to see some of the exciting activities we have taken part in, and perhaps you might like to do some of these exciting things at home.

Our first experiences in Nursery.

We are exploring the sand.
I can look at a book by myself.
We can look at books together.
We can make pictures using shapes.
I can count my steps.
I can make bubbles in the water.
We are learning how to line up.
We can put on our own socks and shoes.

Introducing George.


George is a toy monkey who belongs to the Summerfield Nursery classes.

George likes to have weekend sleepovers at children's houses, where he can join in with all the activities our children enjoy with their families.

Every Friday, George will choose the child he would like to spend the weekend with, and he will go home with that person on Friday, and will return to school on the following Monday.

George has his own journal, which goes with him. When he visits you, we would like you to take one or two photographs of George with your family, and write a short diary entry of George's experiences with you. If you would like to see what George got up to last year, please ask Mrs. Chana, Miss Razaq or Miss Geary to show you last years journal. Thank you.

My name is George.

This is me with my journal

October 2016


It's half term already, and we have been working very hard in Nursery.

We have seen tremendous progress being made by the children in just a few short weeks.

Here are some of the activities we have done.

We have been singing songs together
We enjoyed making magic mirrors.
We used modelling clay to make scary fingernails.
We played on our new bikes when the sun shone.
We had a race on the "Rody" horses in P.E.
Honing our basketball skills.
Mr. Ford is helping us learn new skills.
We are practising cutting out.
We work together to make models.



We would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has supported their child in completing their homework tasks. Can we remind you that we provide homework to support your childs' learning, by practicing the skills they are developing, at home, as well as at school, and it is for them to complete. If you would like a second copy in order for you to work alongside your child, please ask one of the Nursery staff.

Some of the homework that has been returned this term, has not been completed by the nursery children.- we know, because we have been doing similar work in the class, and have been able to compare the work!





We would like to say "Happy Diwali" to all our friends who will be celebrating The Festival of Light during half term.

November 2016.

The Autumn Term is nearly over! During the month, we have been taking part in "Forest School" sessions, and have been producing some excellent art work  using natural materials. Autumn is a great time to look for and use fallen leaves, twigs, acorns, conkers, pine cones and small stones..

We have worked together, and worked on our own to make faces using these natural objects. Look at some of our pictures, and try to identify what we have used.


Forest School Art

As you can see, all of the faces are different!


We were so good at making the faces, we were challenged to make our own.

We used tree trunk slices for the face, and we chose different materials to make the facial features.



Here are some we made.



We have also been meeting milestones in the classroom. we have been practising tracing our names, and several of us are now confidently writing letters some of which are in our names.

One of our next challenges will be to write our names independently, writing our names on all our work!


Tomorrow we are going on our trip to Wibbly Wobbly soft play centre. Pictures will be posted  a soon as possible!


December 2016


Although we have only been at school for two weeks in December, we have been extremely busy.

On the first of December, we went to Wibby Wobbly soft play centre, where we were able to climb, slide, jump, and crawl on the play equipment. The children were exceptionally well behaved, and everyone had a wonderful time.

We are planning other trips out next term, as they are extremely valuable to our understanding of the world around us, and a vital part of the Early Years curriculum.











We have been practicing a song which is part of our "Wake Up, Shake Up" routine, to perform infront of the school and our parents.

In the classroom, we all join in with the actions, and some of us sing most of the words too.

When we were confronted by an audience, we lost some of our confidence, but with the help of our teachers, the audience AND Mr. Ellis, we performed our dsong and dance really well. We were all very proud of our efforts.

Someone very special came to school today.

We heard sleigh bells and in came Father Christmas
He brought presents for all of us.
Father Christmas joined in with our Happy Dance!

The Nursery Staff would like to say a VERY big THANK YOU! for supporting your childrens' learning throughout this term.

We wish you a safe and happy holiday, and look forward to seeing you in 2017!

January 2017

This month we have been learning about animals. We have learned about jungle animals, safari animals and the twelve animals from which the Chinese years are named.

We have moved like animals, been on an animal hunt, drawn, painted and collaged animals, and read lots of animal stories - our favourite story is "Dear Zoo", by Rod Campbell.

We made animal patterns with our fingers
We made animal stick puppets
The lion escaped from the zoo!
We played an animal dice game and made up a story
This is our Lion dance for Chinese New Year.
We worked together and enjoyed our lion dancing.
We took turns to hold the lion's head.

February / March 2017


We are half way through the school accademic year already, - how time flies!

Everyone is working very hard, and we are enjoying developing our skills.


We have been blowing bubbles.
We imitated washing our hands using the bubbles
Some of us have weekly sessions with Bungee
We are listening and speaking to other people.
I am practising my cutting.
If the scissors don't work, ripping it might!
 Wake Up Shake Up exercises get us ready to learn.
We have been operating remote control cars.
Making our own car ramp.
We explored ways of raising the height of the ramp

Celebrating World Book Day

As part of our topic, we have been looking at emergency vehicles. Today a police officer brought his patrol car to school so we could look at it closely.

The officer was only able to see the afternoon Nursery children, but we are hoping to ask him back later in the term to provide the morning children with a similar experience.

The police officer allowed us to get into the car. We pretended to be drivers, and passengers and we enjoyed turning all the dials, and pressing all the buttons in the car.

The children enjoyed the experience very much, and were all excitedly looking forward to going home and telling their families all about their special afternoon.

The Police Officer talks to us
We can explore the car inside and out
We took turns being the driver
We waited patiently for a turn as the driver
The officer shows us his protective shield
We all wanted our pictures taken by the police car

Parent Workshops.

The Nursery Staff would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the parents who were able to attend our Parent workshops. Don't worry if you were unable to attend this time, another set of workshops is being planned for the Summer Term.


We had three days where our parents were invited in to the classroom to work alongside their children. Miss Geary's family group parents were invited in on Tuesday 21st March, Ms. Razaq's family group parents were invited in on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon, and Mrs. Chana's family group parents were invited in on Thursday 23rd March.

We challenged the parents to make a vehicle  -  (which linked directly to our theme of transport) with their children.  There was a selection of tubes, boxes, paper, and shallow plastic trays to choose from, and the children showed their parents how independent they are becoming, by locating and using scissors, and glue. All of the materials we used (with the exception  of paper fasteners), are items which we usually throw away at home. Below are some photographs of our efforts.

Working together.
Just finishing the last little bit.
Working together.
Look how proud we are of our work.
We are enjoying working together.
We have finished our rowing boat.
I need some passengers in my car.
Working together is fun.
My little sister came to!
Mummy and I made a car and a garden.
Dividing the work load.
We made a car and a trailer.
Cut the paper here Gavin.
Look at our racing car!
I'll cut the paper, you can start gluing it!
We worked very well together.

April / May 2017

We are now well into the Summer Term. There is still lots to do, but here are some of the highlights of this half term.

We wrote our names on the interactive white board.
We looked for flowers and leaves in the playground
We decorated our eggs with the objects we found.
This is one of our designs.
We prepared food for our friends to eat.
We all brought in sandwiches for a picnic treat.
We had fun eating with our friends,
Exploring the new waterplay in Foundation.
We all had great fun!

June 2017


 It has been another busy but enjoyable time in Nursery.

We have had two successful trips to the Birmingham Conservation Centre.


21st June - Afternoon children's trip


Our first visit, - with the afternoon children, took place on the hottest day of the year (so far)!

Luckily the centre has plenty of trees, and we were able to find lots of shaded areas to stop to drink our extra bottles of water.

The children were so sensible, - it was a pleasure to see them so happy, and so interested in the animals. The children were a credit to their families and to Summerfield School.

Here are some snap shots of our day.


The rhea came to say hello
It was breakfast time for the otters.
The red panda wanted to stay in the shade
We stayed together as we walked around the centre
What can the children see in this enclosure?
It was the spider monkey who came to see us.
One of our many drinks breaks!
What has this tortoise been eating? He is massive!
Lunch time at last!
Wow, we didn't know about this - what fun!
All aboard the swing.
We enjoyed playing together

28th June - Morning children's trip


What a difference a week makes to the weather in this country! On the first trip, we had sunshine, and heat, on the second trip, it was overcast and cool, and it had rained overnight!

The children wore their coats all day, and we didn't need many drinks breaks!

The cooler weather seemed to encourage more of the animals out into their enclosures.

We saw some animals before lunch, before playing in the adventure playground. Before we came back to school, we had time to see some more animals.


This monkey is watching us watching him!
The meerkat sentry has spotted us!
The lizard is is nice and warmunder his sun lamp
The iguana looked directly at us.
Lunch time at last!
Is this an enormous guinea pig? no its a capabara!
We didn't see this character last week
We love the play area.
The wallaby enjoyed jumping around his enclosure.
The lynx is looking for extra food.

We are delighted to tell you, we were complimented on the behaviour of our children on both trips!


The Nursery staff would also like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the parents who listened to and acted upon our advice.



A perfect end to a busy day!
A perfect end to a busy day!
A perfect end to a busy day!
A perfect end to a busy day!