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We had great fun at Twycross zoo. Many thanks to our wonderful volunteer helpers- June Goodhand and Jenny Cane. We saw lots of animals and learnt a lot about them. Everyone was well behaved and a credit to their parents and the school.
We have been to Forest School. We made fairies, and then fairy wands. We also went on a bug hunt and found lots of interesting creatures.

We planted seeds and they grew

We have been doing lots of gardening this half term. We planted grass seed, which grew well. Unfortunately some of us were too keen on watering it and it died and turned brown. We have also planted tomatoes, sunflowers, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, beans and potatoes.


We saw caterpillars change into butterflies

We were given 4 small pots, each containing 1 tiny caterpillar and its food. We measured the caterpillars and they quickly grew from 1cm long to 3cm. During the first weekend they climbed to the top of their pots and began to make their cocoons.  The cocoons were transferred into a special net. One week later the first butterfly hatched out, followed rapidly by the other 3. We studied them for a few days and fed them sugary water. We drew them and made butterfly models. On Friday when it was sunny we took the net outside and released them by the buddleia bush in the playground.
Our topic for the final half term of the school year is Growth and change.

A small yellow alien called Beegu was on board the spaceship. He asked the children to write notes to him and they wrote lots!

An alien spaceship has landed in our playground!

We have had a lot of fun learning about space. We had alien slime and painted aliens and planets. We We had a role play space research centre, dressed up as astronauts, made rockets from tubes and blow paper rockets. We also researched in books and on computers to find more information and know lots of facts about the planets, stars, meteors, black holes, gravity and space exploration. In our literacy lessons we went on 3 trips into space in the forest school rocket. After the first trip we wrote about the things we could see from our rocket  and on the surface of the moon. During the 2nd trip we thought about the things we needed to take on our journey and made lists. On the 3rd trip we remembered what we had learnt and thought about the people we would miss while we were away, then wrote postcards to tell them about our adventures.

Our current topic is space.

We really enjoyed our dinosaur topic. If your child loves dinosaurs why not take them to one or more of these places:

Lapworth Museum of Geology is on the University of Birmingham campus and is free to enter. There is a large dinosaur skeleton and lots of interesting exhibits. It can be reached from University train station or you can use one of the University's Pay and display carparks. It is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturdays and Sundays 12-5pm.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens are hosting a special event called Jurassic Kingdom from May 20th-June 4th.

West Midlands Safari Park has a Land of the Living Dinosaurs exhibit.

If you are ever in London the Natural History Museum is free to enter.

Birmingham Thinktank Museum has an Icthyosaur skeleton. It is also an excellent venue for all our budding astronauts as our current topic is Space. Leicester's National Space Centre is another excellent place to take space enthusiasts.

If you have other recommendations for outings, or comments on the above, please let us know so we can share them. 

Science afternoon

We have been doing some science at school.

First we put an egg in a glass and covered it with vinegar. When we looked later it was covered in bubbles and had grown. Later still there was brown scum on the surface. After a week the eggshell had completely dissolved and the egg was much bigger because it had absorbed some of the vinegar. The inner membrane held it together and it felt like a ball (until it was eventually popped).

Next we dropped some vinegar onto a tray of baking soda and watched as it fizzed and bubbled.

Finally we went into the playground and watched as Mrs. Cane made a volcano erupt by dropping sweets into a bottle of diet cola. It was messy but fun!

A dinosaur came to school

When we came into school on Tuesday there was a lot of excitement. A dinosaur had come into our class leaving muddy footprints and knocking things over! He was standing in our role play and had some blue spotty eggs in a nest.

On Wednesday one of the eggs had hatched and there was a baby dinosaur. 


Thank you to everyone who took part in our Easter competitions. We had some very impressive entries. Happy Easter to you all!
Just before Easter every child present planted some tomato seeds in a pot and took them home. Several children have told us that their tomatoes have now grown into plants and they are taking good care of them. 

Planting tomato seeds

We enjoyed our World foods day, making and sampling foods from different countries.

On Friday March 31st we had the grand opening of our new water play.

Many thanks to those parents who were able to attend our literacy workshop last Thursday. The children really enjoyed showing you some of their activities. 
On March 9th we had a special science day with visitors from Wonderstuff demonstrating some amazing science in the hall. The children then went back to their classes to build fan powered cars. It was a really fun day! Mrs. Cane was sad because she was on a course and missed it.wink

Science day with Wonderstuff March 9th

Thursday March 2nd was World Book Day. We all dressed up as book characters. The Cat in the hat came into our classroom to read us his story. In the afternoon a theatre group came and performed the story of Robin Hood.

World Book day

Tuesday February 28th was pancake day (Shrove Tuesday). We celebrated by making pancakes, choosing toppings and eating them. They were delicious!

For the next half term we are going to be learning about food. We would be very interested to hear from any parents who can tell us more about the foods which are eaten in your culture, especially those eaten at celebrations. Recipes would be appreciated. The children have already shown an interest in cookery books, so if you have any at home look at the pictures with your child and talk about the way the recipes are written (Ingredients first, instruction text - explain why the instructions have to be in the correct order).

For the first week we will be investigating desserts, with special reference to pancakes as Shrove Tuesday falls this week.

This has been a very busy and exciting half term in reception. We have learnt about life in different environments from the icy North Pole to the hot, dry environment of the desert. Our goldfish now has a name chosen by the children- AquaBob!

This week the children were delighted to meet Miss Knight's bearded dragon lizard Lenny, and we have all learnt a lot about him. When he is scared his neck puffs up and turns black, so the children know they need to be quiet and calm while they watch him. We noticed that he turns yellow when he is warm and happy. He eats locusts, mealworms and watercress. The children have also been busy drawing Lenny and writing about him.



Lenny the Bearded Dragon

In our maths lessons we have begun to use Numicon equipment. This is a set of plastic pieces in different colours and shapes for each number, with holes to count. The children have already learnt which number each piece represents, put the pieces in number order, and have used numicon to add 1, find number bonds to 10, and double numbers.

Investigating numbers with Numicon

Today, Friday January 27th we have been celebrating Chinese and Vietnamese New Year as part of our People and Communities work. We have made paper lanterns, paper chain dragons, kite fish, Happy New Year cards,Chinese food, and dragons for a dragon dance. We have also done some ribbon dancing and dragon dancing.

We would like to wish everybody a very happy new year! This term we are studying life in different environments. We began by investigating life in very cold lands, using the story "Lost and found" as a focus. We learnt how snow and ice melt into water when they get warm. We also found out about animals which live in very cold lands, such as penguins, polar bears and seals, and how the Inuit people manage to survive.

Next we are learning about life in water. We have been finding out about different types of fish. A highlight event was our trip to the pet shop to buy our very own class pet goldfish which we shall all be taking care of. He doesn't have a name yet so we are all thinking of ideas and will vote on a name next week.

We went to the pet shop to choose our pet goldfish.

On the last day of term we had some special visitors to our school. First a theatre group came and acted out their own version of "A Christmas Carol", then a surprise visit from Santa who brought everyone a present because we have all been very good this year! We would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas break and a Happy New Year.


End of term visitors.

We had lots of fun at our Christmas party. We played pass the parcel, danced and ate party food.
This is the Christmas angel we made to decorate the hall. We enjoyed making lots of white paper chains, stars and cone shaped angels.
A huge "Thank you" to all the parents who came to our Maths Day to see how we learn about number, shape, space and measure. The children really appreciated your support and enjoyed showing you some of their favourite activities.

Maths Day Activities

 We have been looking at books by Julia Donaldson and on Wednesday November 23rd we went on a double decker bus to Cannock Chase to follow the Stickman trail. We saw tractors pulling trailers piled high with Christmas trees. We walked through the woods following the signs which told us what to do. We found some houses made of sticks, made a stick tower, splashed in muddy puddles, climbed on the 3 bears chairs and found Stickman and Gruffalo. Then we played in the adventure playground before coming back to school to eat our packed lunches. We were very tired but we had a lot of fun and everyone was very well behaved.
On Friday 18th November it was Children in Need day and we were allowed to wear spots instead of uniform. We had a run around the playground and then did some teddy bear themed activities.
Thursday November 17th was Wellbeing day. We all did some yoga, then made some healthy vegetable soup.
On November 4th reception classes had our own camp fire in the Forest school. We watched the flames and listened to them crackling. We had a chat about fire safety and how important it is to be careful near fire so we don't get hurt,then we sang some songs and had a drink of yummy hot chocolate.

Fairy Tale week in Foundation

We enjoyed acting out the story of the Little Red Hen

We have now been back at school for a month, and everyone is settling in well and getting used to our routines. Mickey has visited some children and has already been given a McDonalds toy and a school jumper by our kind children.

Mickey Bear in his smart new school jumper

A big "Hello!" to all children in R. C.  This is the place to see pictures and read about the exciting things we do in school. Your teachers are        Mrs. Cane, Miss Goodhand and Miss Latif. We shall all be working hard to make sure that each of you has fun while you learn lots of new things.  Our class bear Mickey is looking forward to making friends with you and visiting your homes at weekends!