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Welcome to RH!


Your teachers are Mr Heritage, Mr Huggins and Miss Broadhouse.


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The Queens 90th Birthday

We have been working all week preparing for the Queens 90th birthday party.  We made hats ,flags ,bunting and place mats. We wrote invitations for the party and we made flap jacks, measuring out all the ingredients. we also made our own sandwiches. On the Friday we had a party in the afternoon, luckily the rain stayed away and we had a great time.


An Alien encounter!


We had a visit from an alien in reception, the alien landed in his soace ship and investigated the classroom. We were very inspired by the alien and decided to write letter to him.


Learning about animals


This is our class bear, his name is Charlie Bear. Every weekend he will be choosing one of our class to go home with.  He is looking forward to seeing our children's family and friends. He loves going on trips and visiting different places. All we ask is that you look after him and return him safely on the Monday, so your child can explain what Charlie got up to over the weekend. He comes with a diary so you can put in some of the things that he did over the weekend.