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British Values

                 Promoting British Values at Summerfield




In June, 2014 Michael Gove set out plans for all schoolchildren to be taught ‘British values’.

The then Education Secretary announced that from September 2014, England’s 20,000

primary and secondary schools would be required to actively promote tolerance, fairness,

respect for other faiths, and the rule of law and democracy.


Preparation for Life in Modern Britain


The government’s ‘PREVENT’ strategy sets out how public bodies manage the risks of

radicalisation and extremism.

“Schools can play an important role in helping young people to become more resilient to the

messages of violent extremists, and in tackling the sorts of grievances extremists seek to



At Summerfield we create an environment where all young people learn:


1. To understand others ‐ Behaviour Policy/Miss Dorothy .com/RE/assemblies /PSHE

2. To value and appreciate diversity ‐ Behaviour Policy/Miss

3. To develop skills to debate and analyse ‐RE/Literacy/Topic/PSHE

4. To learn about and explore the values shared by different faiths and cultures ‐RE/school ethos

5. The historical context and issues around citizenship, identity and current affairs (PSHE lessons/Topic/ Miss Dorothy .com

6. To explore controversial issues facilitated by teachers (Literacy/ Miss Dorothy .com)to

broaden their horizons by fostering good links with different community groups and

external organisations (Big Community, PSS, HEU, Police, Childline, local places of worship)


If we have concerns that a pupil may be being exposed to extremist material or influences,

we offer support through mentoring and by ensuring that the school is involved in the local

partnership structures working on preventing violent extremism. Any concerns relating to

matters of radicalisation or extremism are reported to the DSL for Child Protection and

usual Child Protection protocols are followed.


The 'WRAP' Home Office PREVENT training took place for all staff on 2nd September 2014.


Curriculum Aims:


We follow the National Curriculum but specifically it has been agreed that the objectives of the

curriculum at Summerfield shall be as follows:


  •  To acquire skills, knowledge and practical abilities and the will to use them.
  •  To develop qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination.
  •  To appreciate human achievements in art, music, science, technology and literature.
  • To acquire understanding of the social, economic and political order, and a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.
  • To prepare for their adult lives at home, at work, at leisure, and at large, as consumers and citizens.
  • To develop a sense of self‐respect, the capacity to live as independent self motivated adults and the ability to function as contributing members of cooperative groups.
  • To ensure equal opportunities regardless of race, gender or disability.


Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday Party Celebrations - 10th June 2016

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